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Customer Service:

MyTravelNetwork (MTN) wants to ensure that your search, booking and fulfillment process is the most complete and best experience possible. That's why we give you such a full and complete array of products and services to review and for you to choose from. We do not direct and / or dictate your purchasing decisions and your individual and ultimate personal decision as to which company, product or service you wish to utilize and / or purchase.

It should be noted that all descriptions of the destinations, products and services and all claims made by these destinations and suppliers are provided by the individual destination and suppliers and not by MTN.

MTN is not a travel agency or a fulfillment center and that we do not deliver any products or services directly from our company. We are a marketplace and a facilitator and only help you find a full array of products and services and allow you to search and book what is best for you. We ask that you understand that the individual supplier that you choose to work with, is the one that you should turn to first for any customer service issues with their products and services. We make no guarantees about any products or services for any destination and / or suppliers that are listed on the site. If you have any experiences with a destination or supplier on the site that you would like to share with other members of MTN then we invite you to establish a user group and communicate with other members. By doing so we would hope that the members of MTN drive the business to the best of bread and will help others to avoid unpleasant experiences.

Typically you should receive an invoice, confirmation or itinerary from the supplier you have selected. Within these documents you will find the individual suppliers terms and conditions and procedures for obtaining follow up information and customer service from the chosen supplier. Please follow these instructions accordingly.

Other than that, MTN is here to assist. If you do not receive appropriate and satisfactory customer service from a supplier listed on MTN, then please send a message to customerservice@mytravelnetwork.com explaining the situation and we will do our best to assist. As we are not in control of any destination or other supplier listed on MTN, we can not guarantee the outcome of any investigation and / or assistance provided on our part.

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